Thank you all for for dropping by to say hi and have a chat with me.
I am really bad at talking to multiple group people with the same energy level.
Apologies to those I didn’t manage to speak with and those
I missed out in my video coverage.
This is my first time working with Wedelf and to many more to come!

Be reminded,
promotions ends this 30th September and those who heard from me
about my pricing. Be reminded that it will only come back again if
there another wedding workshop with Wedelf.

Applicable for 2020 wedding and only for the 10 couples who
have attended to the workshop with Wedelf.


Wedelf Workshop banner_With Wedelf.png

Location: Alcove at Caldwell House
Watabe Singapore -
Autelier Maketup -
Blisspixel -
Freshfromkenneth -
Blanc Studios -
Ethereal the label -
Cupplets -
Wild Lavender Studio -
One Three One Four -

 ps. I am so sorry we forgot to have coverage on Blisspixel, Cupplets and Watabe Singapore booth
as we were caught up in covering the workshop and speaking with the guest
during the event. A thousand apologies!