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What do I do?

I work with important people on important days.
Days like opening ceremonies, product launch, wedding day,
100th day of a newborn, anniversaries of couples and companies.
I’m privilege to start a journey with an artist who wants me to document for the next 10 years.
Hoping to do the last 100 days of an individual.
Do you know of anyone I can document their private lives for their loved ones?

Important peoples trust me with their important days.
I do works of importance.

In summary,
200 couples over 5 years in the wedding industry.
20 corporate clients over 3 years through video production.

Find out more here:

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What do I really do?

I answer calls.
People calls me for video solutions that they think I might have.
4 times in Shanghai, 3 times in Beijing,
18 months on a construction site for a
building video timelapse.
Back of a van shooting music videos
to back of stage in a fashion show.
Sometimes I try to convince clients behind cameras
and in front of a crowd.

22nd Sept 2010, I got my diploma in design communication.
2019, I found out that I design communication.
Plan, produce, show and tell how to convey a message in decks and milestones.
f***! 9 years later, I understand why my lecturers stress so much on creative process than the end product itself... 

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What do I plan to do this year?

In 3 months,
We will be shifting office. The past 4 years have taught us that it's not about
find what put bread on the table or what pays the bills.
Reports, spreadsheets and KPIs feeds investors.
The elements of discovery lies in loneliness, uncertainty and boredom.
This is what feeds creatives.

For progress and undiscovered lands we commit to some works and partnerships.

Publishing a content a day to 4 times a day by the end of Aug to compete with the noisy digital landscape.
Soaking up myself weekly with an artist who brought so much light to my life through the process.
Connecting people to be part of this creative space our team working on. 

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What do I plan to do with this space?

What am I going to do with the creative space.

Overall: It is a co-working space for creatives/craftsmen

Target Audience: tbh. @themox.co does a great job at assembling creatives to come up with Artbox.
Our niche? Our wedding couples.
They don’t come in pairs. Have you seen a bridal party?

Co-workers: If place at the right digital landscape, Photographers and videographers can be at their prime at this era. Paired with craftsmen and Key opinion leaders in specific demographic groups.

Fees: Regular coworking fees runs from $300 to $500 per pax applies.
We would like to introduce fees as low as a gym membership.
Afterall, coworking space should give you a good ROI if it is a good collaboration among the members in the space.
(eg. Both FFK and @pixioo run 50 wedding a year together. That’s 150k done deal together per year)