Seng and Eryn | Capella Singapore #enchanteng

Yes I did choked a little
when I watched the video 3 times
in a row.
1st was for the edit,
2nd was when it was exported.
3rd was when it played on screen. 

My associate saw the reaction from
the couples and parents in front. 
Told her that, 
their thoughts on the videos
are what matter most to me than
the crowd's response. 

After 3 weeks of non-wedding
related productions,
I was feeling a little rusty today. 

Did an extensive research on those
wedding production I once loved. 
Came to myself when I
shared what I did before today's wedding, 
with Silvia.

There is no end to that search.
There is no best video.
There can only be the best
experience you can give to
those who trust in
what we do best.

I might be doing my bare minimum,
but my bare minimum is
at my best. 
At my rawest.

Thats how I got choked on
my own video. 

hey future kenneth.
I hope you are still
feeling that way how you
felt today. 

Kenneth Lee