Roy and Didi | Grand Hyatt


Pre wedding photography: @pixioo
MUA: @charlane_yu 
Location: London

Love is often seen
by me through the fruits
in every relationship. 
The waits, 
the mornings, 
the 'wru' texts,
the beating of the waves
and struggles.
One learns to breathe
underwater instead of
fighting against it. 
@charlane_yu often wonder
who will be the promise,
the summer, 
the first thought in morning. 

Pre wedding photography: @pixioo
MUA: @charlane_yu 
Location: London


I met Kenneth and Samuel through the referral of my amazing MUA Charlane Yu, and I’m very grateful for the friendship we’ve built over this couple of months. 

To Kenneth, I just wanted to share how much your role at my wedding means to me. The attention you pay to the details of each scene you’ve added in our video, is clear to see. Your meticulous efforts to ensure that everyone important to us have been included in the visual memories you’ve created, leaves no doubt that your passion for filming and capturing content is your primary motivation for doing these videos for us. What you do is truly inspiring and respectable! Only a truly committed artist like yourself would be able to bring out the rawest emotions of our wedding event. You’re not just good enough, you’re amazing! It was such a pleasure working with a true artist like you! 

And to Sam, we have had nothing but positive and amazing comments about the shots you’re done for us. Almost everyone I knew came asking for your contact and I knew at that point, both you and I need to have a chat about commission percentage soon! ;) But on a serious note, you made it so easy for me to work with you, and you made us feel like we’ve known each other for ages. I can’t be more gratified at your willingness to venture into a complete foreign land for our shoot. If there’s anything I’ve learnt from you, age doesn’t define skills! 

Last but not least, to my rebel MUA! I’ve known you for too long and if it won’t for you, I would not have make up on for my wedding, and I wouldn’t have met K & S. Thank you for being so passionate about what you do and doing the best you can for every single bride who have engaged you. I know conformity is never your thing, so keep pushing boundaries, for yourself and for your brides! You’ve been nothing but the best 💜 

To my 3 talented friends, Thank you for being you and we thank you for what you do.

- Didi and Roy, 17th Jan 2018

Kenneth Lee