Aaron and Xin Hui | #oonmarriedloh

There's only this much couples in a year that
comes through your door and leave as a friend.
Some of them let you into their lives,
allow you to be part of their ever fading memories
that marks the start of another chapter
where we are all collectively part of
someone else's. 

After collecting stories of them from their
families and friends, how can I bare not to be
part of this wedding. It felt like an old mate of mine
getting married with the same guy in my class. 

I am very selective with who I do my pre wedding
video with. I choose my friends wisely and so do I choose
my couples for pre wedding too. 
This video is supposed to be an hour long. 
Trimming down to 30mins, to 20 mins
to 17mins. Wasn't a good feeling. 
Because there was so much good feelings
and words trimmed. 

Kenneth Lee