Nate and Pia | Singapore & Bali


Illustration by: @_connielim_

Singapore | 7th Sept 2017 

Last September, 
We saw Nate and Pia's Singapore wedding at Angra Wine & Spirit. 
I was surprised to see my Shanghai's friend
solemnising their ceremony.
The whole set up of the venue
overwhelmed me and how I need to step up
my craft to do justice to their wedding. 

Bali | 2nd to 4th Aug 2018

Day 0 - Water:
Aling Aling Waterfall

Travelled 180mins towards to the north side of the island
for 3 level of waterfall jumps.
Our favourite: Nate's Dad head in jump. 

Photos by: @tinkytee

Day 1 - Fire:
BBQ@The Naked Coconut

*stay tuned for the updates*

Day 2 - Earth:
Prep before the wedding

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Day 3 - Wind:
The Wedding Day

*stay tuned for the updates*

Kenneth Lee