Martin and Adeline | ParkRoyal on Pickering #MarAdeWed

Some couples stay,
For the convenience,
For the comfort, 
For the ego.

Some couples last,
out of convenience,
out of comfort,
birth out of first love. 

Some find it hard to love.
Not because it can't loved,
Its because its not there yet. 
Takes time to reach the her most
precious pieces, 
where light can't reveal her secrets
and prying eyes can't see.
The depths of Adeline's heart was lighted up
by Martin's bare emotions.
All these we see behind closed doors
with his parents. 

Both @Pixioo and I tried to hold back
our tears when he shared with us
that short time we had with
his parents. 

Thats the second time,
Martin tried to make me cry. 

Who needs balls, 
when you have guts.
The bravest man isn't afraid
of the natural things that comes
in all directions towards him.
The bravest man,
is being truthful with
one's feeling. 

Kenneth Lee