Li Fang and Mason | Four Season Singapore #whenmwedsl

Recently I've gotten myself
poisoned by @jayehay interest in film.
In the midst of finding a camera online,
i realised that I've a mamiya RB67 sleeping
on my cabinet since the first time I used in in
Daphne and Edward wedding.
Which is exactly 1 year ago!

Took it for a few shots and developing
before Li Fang and Mason wedding.
As much as I was playing with film,
I needed to warm up myself as
I need to tune myself from 25 frames per second
to 1 or 3 frames per moment. 

Since I was the photographer for the
wedding, #ffktakeover is mandatory :)

The 4th officer in the airforce that
engaged me for their wedding.
Staying as Phantom as possible
to not get into their radar. 

Kenneth Lee