Joel and Ke Yi | #Jokywed

Children church,
Choir group, 
Church friends. 
 Head vs Heart. 
He knows but she feels. 

The longest journey isn't the distance from where
you are to where you can think of.
The longest journey is travelling
from the head to the heart. 

FFK Blogpost_Joel and Keyi_Jokywed_018.jpg

When couples decides to heed your advice
on their wedding schedule, it comes with a lot of trust
and love for our works. Its easy to pay for someone's services
and follow through the day as it is. To go through the
trouble to make arrangements of their wedding schedule, 
that level of trust doesn't come easy. 

Close to a year back when @Pixioo and myself
did Keyi's sister, Tacy and Oliver Wedding,
and she was already paying close attention to our craft.

Stay safe for your honeymoon + mission trip!

Kenneth Lee