Adeline and SiJie | #AiDeSiJie

In darkness, we see light.
In sorrows, we feel warmth. 
Being apart from each other, 
there creates a longing. 
Deep complex of a human heart, 
time is not enough to unravel
how it is designed. 

The most welcoming part
of what I do is not feeling belong
to a community. 
The doors that my couples
opened up for me to their
heartstrings of many stories
is enough to fill my heart.

If you manage to be
let in, 
to the air in between
Its the most sacred, 
most welcoming.
And thats the most
you will come to understand
in what they saw
in your works. 

Pre Wedding Sessions with @tinkytee
Following images are screenshots of @freshfromkenneth video

And I was walking through icy streams
That took my breath away
Moving slowly through westward water
Over glacial plains

And I've walked off you
And I've walked off an old me
Oh me, oh my, I thought it was a dream
So it seemed

And now, breathe deep
I'm inhaling
You and I, there's air in between
Leave me be
I'm exhaling
You and I, there's air in between
You and I, there's air in between

And cut my hair so I could rock back and forth
Without thinking of you
Learned to talk and say
Whatever I wanted to

Alaska (Acoustic) - Amber Run



Pre Wedding Sessions by @ksana_weddings

Kenneth Lee