Weilun and Stephanie | #lun到stephweds

We age as our memories of each other do.
But some just never fade. 
They hide in the walls we built around them.
Not away from people, 
but for people who we want them to be around
for the many good years to come. 

On any given day, something or someone claims our attention.
Even right before the long walk down the isle on their wedding day, 
I stole them away of their time
to exchanges words and gifts for each other. 

 14hrs straight from 8am. 
This might be the the toughest wedding highlight
I ever worked on. But hey, I say that to every wedding.
One thing for sure,
I walked away a happy man. 
Happy with what I produced. 
That happiness fuels me much,
and that matters to me most. 

Last 30 seconds added to the morning highlights by @freshfromkenneth 
Happy to have engaged you and we are really impressed with your professionalism and how you inject emotions into the filmography. Glad you made us do the time capsule before the wedding, squeezed in the gift exchange at the very last min, and presented this wonderfully done up video for us. Very value adding! Thank you for playing an integral role in our wedding Kenneth ♥️
- Steph @lavender07

Main Photographer and Instagram Takeover: @bobbykiranyeo
MUA: @adeline.lim
Wedding Stylist: @wulalaaa
Wedding Emcee: @andiechen and @katepang311 
Gowns: @tedwubridal @anseinabrides

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Wedding Stylist: @wulalaaa

Kenneth Lee