Alvin and Kalista | Chijmes & Osaka

The constant request I kept hearing:
Minimalist style, Negative spaces.
It is overly used and really, a poor choice of words for how we create work.

Well, thats natural for our environment where we are driven on how the end product is,
and we often missed out the exploration process of creating our works.

Minimalist style, Negative spaces, these kinda style for photos easily but how about moving visuals.

  1. Within my framings, my corners, the foreground and the movement
    gives a look to my character on how I want audience to move with my couples.

  2. Privacy and thoughts is created by the head rooms or spaces that I created for them to look at.

  3. 35mm up close helps me to give my audience a seat in their conversation.

Wong Kar Wai,
film us as we are,

lets have fun and enjoy ourself.

- Project brief by Alvin

Please, no wong kar wai,
take the nicer side okay.
Can we go * a list of places *?
And we are not a morning person..
- Project brief by Kal

Osaka trip with them was a breeze.
I forgot what I need to shoot,
we just went from one spot to another.

We explored and I got to know them a little better,
and thats what I wanted for my audience.

Through the eyes of their kids,
their future self.

Hope they get to know a little bit more about 2019 Kal and Alvin.

I know how typical a blog post will share how
I feel about their wedding.

I hope you saw and felt
how I did in the video.



Photos by@pixioo
International ffk award wining photographer.

Kenneth Lee