MX and Samantha | The Summerhouse


Thats what all their friends
could remember about this video.

I remembered with a the satisfaction
that I manage to show them
how majesty the sky was that evening. 

How perfect that day was,
how my words could not
match what I feel that day. 

Coming to the states, 
I really have difficult time expressing myself
in the company of new people. 

I gave up trying to engage. 
I took comfort in seeing through
both part 1 and 2 of MX and Sam's wedding.

That I am here, 
entrusted to document of both
US and SG wedding celebrations. 
One summer night, I wrote a note to self. (<< click to see)

Looking forward to share with
you guys my San Fran's trip. 
And will update all the missing weddings
since a 'nong nong' time ago. 

mx and sam at summerhouse.jpg

Photography: Eugene @heartscollectiveco
Videography:  FreshfromKenneth
MUA: @tangyongmakeup

Kenneth Lee