Derrick and Huiyi | #letsgethydged

Letters to each other could easily heal our heart
and understood pain we couldn't comprehend. 
Probably its was the amount of couples whom I've seen running
the day from tasks to tasks, venues to venues that I decided to
steal them away from traditions.

Rarely our parents heart intentions is well contained in
a short sessions. Set aside time for him and his parents.
Hope that would be special to him in the days to come.
Especially in this asian upbringing. 

I felt really giving my couples that space, 
that time in the day and that soon forgotten letter that will fade
into the boxes of family buildings. 
Until I met Derrick.

He's a doctor by day and over time lover since he met Huiyi. 
Flew his own drone while proposing to her in Iceland.
Did his confessions in this mini-slides he hand made. 

He made all of us jealous of his love for Huiyi. 
@Pixioo and I decided to show him love by dropping at his place first
before heading to Huiyi place on his wedding day.

Kenneth Lee