Joanna and Jeremiah | #ffkthrowback2011

One of the most memorable journey in this wedding industry is to
sell other production house's works to my couples. 
2010 was the year I joined a church wide youth camp video submission.
Because of that winning entry, Joanna entrusted her wedding into our hands. 
Fresh off the boat, I studied Stillmotion's work, frame by frame and intimate their style
and hopefully, I master they thought process and be as good as they are in time to come.

They agreed to my pitch and we later on met at Floral Magic back at Parklane. 
Bounce off some ideas on how their wedding will be like and left the place
so nervous and felt like I need to assemble 5-6 man crew. 
Jonathan, the previous post's couple, was there to man my tripod. 
My church/army friend was there to man another camera angle.
One assistant to help me with the slider,
and my ex-lasalle classmate came by to do the drawings.

Well, back then, before #ffktakeover was a 'thing'  
Illustrations was 'the thing', well, at least for me. 

Every year, I get couples who will point me to my signature video because that video
is reason why they will sit in for a discussion with me. 
That following year, couples asked me about their wedding
because of Jeremiah and Joanna's wedding.

If not for their trust, 
I wouldn't have that stepping stone to empower me
for many unbelievable weddings. 

Spent my 2013's National day at the Teo Family
for Jude's baby shower. 
 4 years back, you could tell the significant difference in my style. 
Nope, not talking about my photography style nor my videography style.
The kinda of clothing style I was wearing.
Yeap. Before SweeChoon, 88 Roast Pork, CSHH, TwoChefs came into my life. 

As requested, 
hope these happy joy beans of memories fight back
these constant fading memories inside of us :)

With love,
Kenneth Lee

Kenneth Lee