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This year's couples gave me quite a bit of sleepless nights.
The night before a wedding day still made me nervous even after doing this for the 6th year.
Xiao yong (we would address him by, instead of Jonathan) and Melissa saw how my style grew since they knew me back
when some weddings I had to ask for Xiao yong's help to man the tripod during  Joanna and Jeremiah wedding in 2011. 

To hear that they wouldn't any one else to do their wedding and they would be able to find
another one like me, my heart melt. 

Together with @Pixioo and @Charlane_yu we went to Perth for their wedding portraits.
Challenged myself to upload a video a day while I was there.
Proven effective! Came back to Singapore without any backlogs. 

Sebastian, my secondary school mate.
Jerry, my 'ex-lover-partner-in-crime'.
Pia, my friend through many seasons of our lives.
Jonathan, given of God, sent to aid my earliest season of FreshfromKenneth.
So many friends' wedding this year. 

Jonathan and Melissa's meant a lot to me,
and I'm glad to have seen it through since the earliest of their lives to
them marching out of the church hall. 

Stay so in love my friends,
Kenneth lee


Some madness on my monster rig,
and a throw back to the past: 

heyoo @charsiewspace :)

heyoo @charsiewspace :)

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