Roy Fong and Cheryl Wee | #WeeFongLove Takeover


1. Bridal shower at Jo Malone and Dazzling Cafe
2. Pre Guo Da Li meeting with @loveleknot
3. Sweetest moment meeting + Surprise for Roy
4. Guo Da Li
5. Gate Crash + Tea Ceremony
6. ROM - Collection of certification
7. Church Rehearsal at Cathedral of the Good shepherd
8. Editing of Proposal Video
9. Editing of Childhood Montage
10. Church Wedding
11. Wedding Banquet at Riz Carlton

Barely two months when we first met Cheryl at her bridal shower, one event after another, we find ourselves involved in most of the milestones before they wedding day. To help make up for the unfamiliarity, we avail ourselves by being there for them. 

Very rarely we have no prior meeting before the shoot but that's when our professional instinct kicks in. To connect, observe and complete those unspoken words by being a wallflower. 

To be given the roles to produce contents for #weefonglove @weecheryl social media, we only need the right dose of creativity. Leaving all the coverage for all the official media individuals. 
We had to be ruthless to think more and be selective. But the crowd of family members and photo/videographers create that urgency that we often forgot that we step up our gear and end up shooting almost everything. 


Through #weefonglove, we learnt to manage risks and bring creativity solutions to our craft. 
Chances we didn't take because we know the official media partners are doing their job and combine new media into our works. 
Asked help from one of the bridesmaid to gather all the IG stories for me to combine into #weefonglove videos and applied that style into their childhood montage. 

This 21st century wedding requires us, as craftsmen in our own expertise, to adapt to change and keep up to date what is in trend. #ffktakeover has been around for 2 years and almost 4000 photos till date. 
After #weefonglove wedding, I realized how transparent IG Live is when working with other vendors in a celebrity wedding. 

My previous 11 days of experience at FIDe fashion week 2013 taught me how to face various international media as the official videographer and its pretty obvious that when working on major assignments like this, at #weefonglove, we shouldn't be surprised to see more than 10 photographers and videographers combined in strength. 

Really thankful for Uncle Mervyn, Aunty Jean, Aunty Dawn, Aunty Pai Hong for encouraging us with their kinds words for our photos and videos. That really help to lessen the level of stress throughout the whole wedding process. 

No matter how small our roles are, we take ownership and I'm not apologetic when we step up. 

Left the whole entire experience of #weefonglove with no regrets, right amount of coverage, kept up to the speed in updating @weecheryl
Wouldn't have it any other way. 

Thank you, Roy and Cheryl, for sharing a piece of your happiness with us. You don't have to, but you took time to text us and kept appreciating us throughout the whole entire time of #weefonglove

Stay so in love my friends!
Kenneth Lee & Samuel Ng

Wedding Planning: Bliss Pact (
Official Photographer: Alwin (
Official Videographer: Yang (
Guo Da Li: Le Knot Wedding (
Wedding Cake: Bengawan Solo (
Floral & Décor: Boenga Flowers & Designs (
Hair Styling: Jean Yip Group (
Dance Choreography: STEP Studio (

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