Alvin and Cheryl | #AlCherWeds

Hurt my back while at work during the 1st and 2nd July weekend. TCM doctor told me corrected my work posture and that led me to readjust my monster rig. 

Took MC and rested for two days. Didn't plan to work on #weefonglove immediately after the wedding because I want to give honor where honor is due. 
It's not of me to put up a video and set it as a side by side comparison with other videos when my jobscope is purely a 'Behind the scene' guy. 
I promise to come up with a comprehensive summary video thus far for #weefonglove.
Stay tuned!

Did my #ffktimecapsule video with Alvin and Cheryl over the weekdays. Spend time watching Cinefix to work on my framings. 
For fresh ideas, I have to empty my own ideas. 
Relearned, reprocess and reeducate myself. 

Went into the wedding with framings that called into mind from what I saw before. Super satisfied with the entire wedding process. 
Here's some of my iconic shots of #AlCherWeds

After 8 weeks of internship, I'm confident to send my interns for tea ceremony shots. 
Went back office to work on my edit and set off to hotel to set up lightings for ball room and ROM. 

Brought 8x ARRI lights to Fullerton Hotel and I realised that I had lesser time to edit than my usual editing time. Godspeed indeed! 
Here's the difference with and without the lights:


Got my lights set up and it really changed the setting in the room. 
Devils is in the Details and so is my Destiny of my craft. 
Oh Fullerton, Fullerton. Our usual suspect of bad spot lightings, always a slight retard at the steps. From the start of my discussion with Alvin and Cheryl, I encourage them to get additional lights for their dance. I'm not gonna trust the lights for the dance floor until their have fix their spot lightings on the steps. 

For those folks who couldn't see their dance, I when IG Live and add on a part of the dance into the beginning of the wedding highlight. 

Left the wedding with so much wins!
3 more wedding to go till our Sri Lanka trip :)

Kenneth Lee

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Kenneth Lee