Alyssa and Simon | #giveangbao廖 | The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The very day they confirmed for their wedding venue,
they came by our studio to make
the decision to work with us for their wedding day. 

Since then,  
It is not their social media stalk-men-ship
that ease their worries on our crafts, 
It was pure raw trust. 

Simon was curious about my video popularity,
He believes that my videos views
will reach a million one day. 
My friend, 
I got a photo memory of that look on your face.
No one have told me that before
and your child like faith ignites a certain flame within me. 
When that day come, 
You will be the first I'll think of.

It is a privilege to receive
this invitation to a friendship with them.

My best kept memory of them, 
My longest video produced thus far.

Videography: Freshfromkenneth

Kenneth Lee