Gerry and Guo Hui | #gggetmarried

Both @gerrybin and I workplace is just right door.
We know how crazy the recent weather is like around Kallang Ave. 
The sun came through for us and my usual group shot took a different direction.
Bought chilled beers and share the silliest moment among the entourage and the couple.
Woke up for a morning shoot, yet I've still got the strength to carry through till 12mid.
TBH, it wasn't the strength though.
It was a how I hear about Guo Hui's fight to tear down the walls inside
Geraldine with his bare hands and to be rewarded with her bare heart
in the lowest point of her life.
Instead of finding strength,
I've found a reason to stay with them till they chase me back
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Stay tuned. 
Wedding Highlights coming soon! 

Kenneth Lee