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My love for photography and videography started young - when my mum spent hours recording countless VCR tapes and sorting our film photos into albums that my family and I would occasionally pull out from dusty boxes in the garage to look fondly back on today. A few years on, when my second brother came along and my mum didn't have the time anymore, I remember her telling me that it was now my responsibility to take the photos and videos for our family.

From there, she instilled in me a love of capturing and reliving these small, yet precious moments. And it has since been both my responsibility and privilege to do so for those that I love and care for, knowing that we'll never be the exact same person as we are in that moment in time, but we'll forever be able to relive them through what we've captured.

To all who are reading this, here's my journey. And I hope that in time, I'll get to know you better and have the honour of capturing your story and your moments to relive in time to come.

Should you would like to get in touch, our emails are always open. Come say hi, and we hope to see you real soon!

- Stephanie J. Low


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- $200/HR

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Terms and Conditions

1. FFK’s Stephaniejlow will bear the consequences (i.e cost incurred to find a replacement videography vendor at couple's liking) if she cannot make it on for the wedding. 

2. Indirectly or directly, by the reason of act of God, strikes, US/China trade disputes, force of nature, MRT/Lift/Car breakdowns, Local/international government or political action, acts of war or the Returning of Jesus Christ, we will be under no liability to this agreement.

3. In the event where FFK’s Stephaniejlow did not show up for the wedding, FFK’s Stephaniejlow and her team is liable to pay up to twice the sum of the service she quote.
FFK’s Stephaniejlow and her team will be liable for three times the cost in the event of missing footages.

4. Full payment to be made 3 days after the wedding.

5. There will be a $500 additional for split day charges.

6. Late Payment fees of 10% of the remaining payment.

7. Deposit are non-refundable/transferable within the 6 months before the couples wedding date.

8. Couple is allowed to get the 50% refund back 8 months before the wedding if they decide to change the vendor of their preference.

9. FFK’s Stephaniejlow reserved the copyrights to the commissioned work produced.

10. FFK’s Stephaniejlow will require up to 4 months from the wedding day for the final delivery of the product via Online Download, unless stated otherwise.

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