How much is your deposit?

It is 50% for confirmation and 50% of the remaining amount to be made 3 day after the wedding. There will be a 10% additional charge to late payment.

Will Kenneth be the videographer?
and how many are there in your team.

We always come in twos.
Yes. FreshfromKenneth, you get Kenneth for sure.
Unless he is taken on the date, his second team will also come in twos.
Always headed by the cameraman that have been assisting Kenneth for more than 40 weddings.
Please provide transport and food for us. The only allergy we have is being hungry all the time.

I’m not sure how many hours i need you for. what if i need you for 5 hours or 15 hours?

Charges are at 8 hours for the price of $3500 per day.
For extra hours, they are at $300/hr and even at 5 hours,
its chargeable at $3500.
Some wedding require two days,
there will be a spilt day charge to the costing at $500.

Is there any photographers you work closely with and do you guys have a package together?

TBH, How i give my discount is that i match the discount the photographers willing to give you for.
Some of them I agree to do that with are,
Samuel Goh, Ivan Tan, Bloc Memoire, Kai Pictures, The Beautiful Moments, Thomas Tan, Smitten Pixels.
That was a year plus ago, not sure if they still do the same but the longest friendship I have in this industry is @Pixioo and we give $200 off our prices. Thats a total of $400.
Its not a lot and most of my industry friends don’t give a lot of discount because we respect the works they produce and the hours that comes with years of experience we do not want to short change them for.

Unless you are a Chijmes’ couple, thats a different package that soon will be share in Wedelf/Watabe website. Stay tuned!


How do you deliver your end product?
How long do you take and what will we have?

Same day edits will usually be delivered on the same day itself.
Full day edits will takes from 2 months to 4 months.
There will be:
1. Wedding highlight (approx. 8mins)
2. Raw Footages (approx. 5 hours uncut)
All available for download via a dropbox link that will expiry in 7 days. I don’t run a cloud systems that back up all my couples wedding videos. Sorryyyyyyy!

What is 1 hour with FFK

This is a goodwill service.
its good. its at my own will. it well served :)

Usually couples booked me in advance, as long as 18 months ahead.
or 1 week. Yes, Faiming and Huiling, I still remember your wedding.
We met 6 days before your wedding.

Spending an hour with me helps me to understand your comfort level with each other in front of the camera.
I am not here to produce a marketable wedding video.
I am here to attend your wedding as a friend and document that professionally with ease and comfort.

Spend an hour with me.
help me to get comfortable with you guys please..


This is a series of FAQs i get asked most of the time.

Good question is
half the problem solved :)