Work Flow: How I meet my couples? 

Step 0 - *Shake leg + play DOTA and compete in The International* 
Step 1 - Reply emails with relevant references of my wedding videos for my couples to watch.
Step 2 - Arrange for a meet up in my studio. 
Step 3 - Diagnosis on Wedding Schedule
Step 4 - Assurance on FFK deposits. (refer to the website main page)
Step 5 - Consultations on Wedding Day or Pre Wedding shoot if possible
Step 6 - #FFKTimeCapsule before Wedding month to catch up. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 7.15.52 AM.png

I would like to
debunk some misconceptions/myths. 

FFK is not: 
well sought after. popular. super packed. too busy to reply. 
too many weddings to take up. very expensive. 

FFK loves: 
Selfless and Shameless couples in love
who are open to us to make
changes to their wedding schedules.

For 2017, I took lesser weddings than last year.
This year, I'm having38 Weddings in total,
with bookings for 2018 till 2019. 
I would say, 2019's booking is soft opened because >__<
Aunty Jean causally mentioned about
her daughter wedding over lunch in 2019.

  1. Kenji Kristalle
  2. Xeno Clarissa 
  3. Yvonne Hon Tuck
  4. Reuben Melissa
  5. Jasmine Shi Han
  6. Zhi Wei Rachel
  7. Janice Ivan
  8. Melvin Joyce
  9. Jocelyn Jacky
  10. Vincent Medaleine 
  11. Carol Yao Huang
  12. Yong Guan Li Rong
  13. Sebas Chai
  14. Shuzk Meng Wei Hou
  15. Heydi KahWee
  16. Kwok Siong Kimberly
  17. Roy Cheryl
  18. Jerry Vinyee
  19. Alvin Cheryl
  20. Hui Yi Derrick
  21. Melissa Jonathan 
  22. Nate Pia
  23. Divya Nash
  24. Geraldine Guo Wei
  25. Joel Keyi
  26. Stephanie Jerome
  27. Lilian Michael
    + 11 more weddings to go till 2017 ends. 

By the look of the above weddings,
I'm not as crazy as compared
to some wedding vendors who
are packed up every single weekends. 
So does that debunks the:
well sought after. popular. super packed. 
too many weddings to take up?

About my pricing, 
I mean, there's a lot of things with it.
2x pax to Santorini.
2x Note8 w/ accessories
2 years of coffee breaks at CSHH
(haha that came into my list,
probably because at this hour, 745am, 
I'm having a hugeeee craving for coffeeee)

What I do is very much similar to
Sukiyabashi Jiro's craftsmen-ship and
way they do their dine-ins.  

Besides engaging us to document your wedding day, 
at my own expenses, I also do:
1. Take over your instagram
2. Be there for an hour during your pre wedding shot
3. #ffktimecapsule
4. follow up services such as,
 a shoot at your house during your anniversary

I don't charge cheap
but I don't charge more.

To tell assume someone that they are too
busy or to consider yourself too busy is
a form of ill discipline in time management. 
I am infected by that illness and
please forgive me for my weakness
but never say that I am too busy. 
I do not want to be too
lost in the wants and needs
of this social media world.

So when people associate me to the word
too busy,
I associate to

There's nothing such as
too busy or too many emails to reply. 
If the business is receiving beyond 50 emails per day
and requires a call center to pick up calls,
Count me in. I want to be part of that wedding videography biz.

Waking at 530am these days helps me
to walk my mum to work and reply emails and whatsapp
before the day starts for everyone. 
Thats when I can start this Creative Process Journal to
educate my couples and viewers on my work process. 

If I am busy,
why would I take up a bride's IG in weddings
which I am not the main photo/videographer?
If I am busy,
why would I take a random grandpa and grandma that
I met on the street for a dinners and durian sessions?
If I am busy,
why would I shoot my friends' daughters?
(gosh. its been 4 years!) 
If I am busy,
why would I train and teach unskilled interns?
If I am busy,
why would I train and teach friends of friends
who wanna try-try wedding? 

I choose my weddings wisely,
I have a lot of weakness and
I thank God for understanding clients.

I don't need the top client of clients.
I don't need to be jam-packed with weddings. 

I want to fuel my happiness,
look back at my works and know that each one
is well crafted, unexpected, no template, 
better than previous and
always taking beautiful risks.

Kenneth Lee