Weakness as strength

Its ok to be slow,
to bloom later.
To go through the process of maturity.
Growing strength and attributes from
know our weakness.

At divine appointed time,
these weakness becomes strength.
It becomes assets.

It started off on my part to include my guys in the office to be involved in
my discussions with clients/potential partners.
Being anal about their detailedness.
Working on their pointers and how straight forward it should be.
Gave feedbacks on how their time taken to translate from paper to digital took
too long and it doesn’t make sense that a third of the day is spent on that.

These mini-practicum gave them thoughts on how to make the process better.

One of my greatest joy is to see how these weakness translate to strength.
To assets.
To help in time of need.

One of those meetings I brought one of my guys with me,
didn’t turn out well.
Had the full sound recording of the meeting because of detailedness.
It had so much accountability for me because the meetings went from
lets chat to this is a TOP SECRET meeting.
Never before, years of planning, new to the industry and I don’t want
my competitor to know.
Last minute meetings and requests like this,
got me accused of last minute back out and lack of responsibility.

This kind of shit and asshole.
I smell.
I learn from the dogs.
Their smells can tell from the kind shit, pee, assholes your diet is made of.
What goes in internally.

Disclaimer: I am not insulting anyone, I am illustrating that I am like a dog.
Who can smell shit and tell you want kind of shit is this made up of.

2019-06-05 06.48.24 1.jpg
Kenneth Lee