(unknowingly) I went radio silence


Didn't realised that I went radio silence
for a while and I didn't notice that until one of my couple
brought that to my attention. 

FFK is crossing 40 weddings for this year
feeling a bit uneasy if I would to go beyond that capacity. 
Started this month looking at how I can be more
Relational than Transactional. 

Realistically, there is a need to earn money,
to satisfy this endless need and wants in life.
The money earned is set aside to market more sales for
the progress in branding and crafts. 

The few question I saw it connecting is between
how much more is enough.
how much more is good enough.
how much more is good. 

In heart content.
In social media content.
In craftsmen-ship.

I have decided to close my bookings for this year.
For some of my working industry partners,
I will be giving them priorities than walk ins via freshfromkenneth.com

For my some of my clientele, 
I will be initiating some personal projects I've came up with
over coffee with @fightingflaws

Turned to remember the birth
of FFK,
Turned to remember the worth
of FFK. 

Updates - 30th Jan 2018

Spoke to a few awesome FFK supporters.
They are keen to work together with me on this journey  
I wish to colour on. 
Asking green where my red loves lies.
Black and white, breathe it all in.
Be here and be holy.
Every second that was newlywed, 
I hope to unfold them in their home. 

Given, willingly.


Taking my risks with wise consults. 
Just a few more meet ups, 
a few more courages. 
And I'm good to have my craft that comes
in two colour-way.

Kenneth Lee