Ugly but honest

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[08:45, 12/22/2017]: Hope to get some answers from some questions regarding my services:
1. Have you look at the body of my works:
and recognised the color I have consistently been using to decide that 'the color is off'

2. The quality and the outcome of the video that both of you are disappointed and not what was expected of is a very contradicting factor when it comes to Wedding Videography. 

RE: Quality - 
Unlike photography, its in one shot, and that might not tell as much as a video shot. Photography is at 1x moment in stills that tells the one moment that only at that millisecond. Videography gives you the entire 2-3 secs of the rawness of emotion in still-motions. 

RE: Outcome - 
I am not sure how the both of you have set the expectation the video/photo but I do, at my very best, do it whole heartedly. Least to say, charging for extra hours if this is purely a transactional service. 

RE: Storyline - 
Altering the line of event that happens and reproducing more emotions is not
style in my craft. 
Very much would think that my learned clients do take my body of works:
into consideration. 

3. As I have done my due diligence to review this video with a private audience in the wedding industry, I am willing to share who these individuals are in their reputation if you wish to reveal your videographers that you requested for their opinions.

4. I am more than willing to resolve this for you and would like to receive a throughout feedback on what I can do to ensure this doesn't slip through the holiday with unpleasantries.
[08:47, 12/22/2017]: Sorry if this is a very long paragraph of my thoughts.
But when it come to my works, especially in wedding videos,
I am very objective to what needs to be done and how can I do to
expedite resolutions. 
Pardon me if I sound very objective
than emotional.
[08:47, 12/22/2017]: Looking forward :)

Out of the 48 wedding this year.
I've got 3 dislikes.
That makes me 1 bad decision
 out of 16 wedding.
Yea. Should have be careful
who I invest my heart into. 

“What happens when people open their hearts?"
"They get better.”
 Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

Yea. My videos get better when
I do that often. 
The opposite effects
applies too

Kenneth Lee