3. 2017 Top 10 FFK Wedding of the year | #toptenofFFKstopten

This is why I did
not go into depression
in 2017.
They made my year
easier to go through with. 

10. Yao Huang and Carol -13th May 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Photography: @pixioo

Most full day wedding highlights let me soak into the wedding fully. 
On top of the highlights for the wedding, my final couple for 2017; Jack and Shimin,
The brother, father and groom-to-be, like my BTS for Yao Huang and Carol. 
Saw my personality and knew that they wanted me for their wedding. 
Didn't had the chance to meet Jack until 3 days before the wedding but they knew who I was through the BTS of Yao Huang and Carol's wedding. 
Personally, while I was using BTS to teach my interns about my work flow, it helps me to gather my thoughts together and structure my teachings. It was really tiring to be teaching and working at the same time. Almost died trying to explain myself and trying to nail the shots that I wanted. 
This was the beginning of the end of me trying to teach people on my craft. 
And thats why, half a year later, I asked for help in the industry. 
Send help here.
Things happen for a reason and what a reason it gave me to do Behind The Scene of my workflow in this wedding. Well, I must acknowledge the bandwidth that Yao Huang and Carol gave me in the creative direction of this video. Super super generous in their trust towards my craft. 
The lack of such generosity wouldn't permit me to bring in a 3rd videographer to tag along in the wedding. 


For our big day, we went through few photographers and videographers.
At least 5 in total i think? One day, we came across pixioo and freshfromkenneth through a blogger's wedding and their crafts are really good.
Just so happened we found out we could engage them together,
it helped to save time meeting individual people. 

We had a chat and we immediately felt comfortable because samuel and kenneth have this synergy between them. We knew for sure we can trust them as they constantly engaged, gave us ideas and thus we give them all the creative freedom in producing the works.

Me being in the creative industry,
i always appreciate creativity, passion and great work. 

I remembered when they turned up on actual day, my family and friends were all surprised by the amount of people who showed up. And soon enough, we knew why so as pleasant surprises such as ffktakeover (even my makeupartist thought it was a damn good idea)
and the BTS video which my friends and us laughed so much.
We still watched it every now and then and the memory still comes in fresh.

Not forgetting the time capsule and handwritten note.
This personal touch from Kennth reminded us of his great personality even after the wedding.


- Yaohuang and Carol | 13th May 2017

9. Nate and Pia - 7th Sept 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Photography: @thomastan

Have been working with Pia in the past on a few major projects that have been milestones
in my commercial portfolio. 
From her school fashion projects to FIDe Fashion week to her wedding. 

Back when I knew her in UWCSEA, somehow I knew inside of me that
our paths will keep crossing in and out of each other lives. 
Almost each year, we work on some ball shrinking projects that I never knew I will be involved. 

2017 was quite a year for us. 
Started the year pretty jaded about our previous project. 
Mid way through, I was really honoured to be asked of my service for their wedding. 
End the year high with 88rising for Spotify. 

Being her friend takes quite a bit of madness.
I'm sure Nate's a fighter and has a stomach for Pia. 

8. Sebas and Chai - 3rd June 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth

There's very little known fact about me in my secondary school and what career will I take based on my early years as a teenage. Ball is life and life as it is, got me with bad exam results and self taught wedding photographer turned videographer. 
Sky sim aka Yong Nian got me for his wedding as a photographer.
Desmond kan got me for his wedding as a videographer.
Then a year plus later, Sebas facebook texted me about his wedding. 
Why would I mentioned these guys? 
Well, even though they are not my best of friend when I was 15,
they are guys I could depend on them when I know I got trouble in school. 
That pretty much summarise the friendship we had.
Notable wedding engagement for me because of our reconnection through pre wedding trips and the times that they trusted me with the schedules and activities. 
I remembered how Sebas would say it: "Cos you said that it would be nice to have, that why we did it." For the pre wedd, for the actual day, for the style of the video, for the cafe trip in the morning, for the shoot location, for what I do best in my craft.
Thanks guys. 
Very memorable one for me.
And very grateful for the love you have in my works.

Primary school and a secondary school love birds, 
The song I chose for your videos fits well for you guys.
And hey, manage to include one of my fav photographer to shoot with @fightingflaws in the video! haha. 


7. Alvin and Cheryl - 8th July 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Photography: @pixioo

Gosh, you guys made me shy when you did your dance!
And gosh... @fullertonhotel why you upgrade your main ballroom but not the retarded lightings. 
Retard as in, slow. Thats why I decided to get 4x Arri 1000w to light up the dance floor. 
Similarly, the function room is unacceptable for the ..  
I shall focus on the reason why they are in this placing, instead of going on and on for the things I fixed. Wrote a post about that here
Yes, I did not expect the dance from the both of them to be that, eh. Sexy. 
BTH that caught me off guard. 
Cheryl's father was constantly smiling throughout the whole day.
Like a little boy, who finally gotten what he wanted.
And yes, I did a little site recce before they wedding and manage to bump into Cheryl's mum. 
So did I bumped into the couple when I was at fullerton a few hours later. 
Not sure why I did the site recce that day, 
but things happen for a reason and that sure did help to assure the both of them in some ways.
In my way, it helps me to step up in my professionalism in looking at the little things :)

Ah! Now I remembered, why I did the site recce.
I want to know to know if there's enough powerpoints for my lights and where the groom is driving in in the morning. 
And my office is just a cycle away from their house and fullerton,
I was thinking, why not? and it took away the nervousness off me.
Yes. I am still nervous before a wedding even till now. 
Dota doesn't help btw. 

In conclusion, 
It was one of my largest production thus far in a wedding. 
Light up ballroom and function room. 
Super satisfied that day when I left the wedding.   


"Been married for a couple of months
but would like to take a moment to share my superb experience
with my Actual Day VG and PG -
@freshfromkenneth & @pixioo

Engaging both Kenneth and Samuel were the best decisions we made for our wedding.
Their approach to wedding videography and photography was one of a kind and not mainstream.
The works they produce are unique to every couple. Many of my family members, bridesmaids and friends complimented them too!

Kenneth has an exceptional eye to detail and he was very experienced and skillful during the wedding day. He went the extra mile by going down to my house area and hotel to rece and plan his shots the day before the AD -
we found out by accident as we happened to bump into him at both places!
He also made effort to understand our preferences and ensure the place we selected for our solemnization had sufficient lighting.
When the highlights were played,
we were completely lost for words because we hadn't seen any like it.
It was genuine and captured all the details that mattered.
He did all he could to make sure that we were happy.

Samuel engaged us very well on our wedding day.
He helped make the day more meaningful by asking us questions that made the shoot less awkward -
especially during the veiling with my parents and photoshoot with my bridesmaids.
We thought that was really helpful especially for the fact that we were pretty lost
and helpless as the main stars of the day.
The pictures that came out were beautiful and captured much emotions. 

It was such a pleasure to have both of them at our wedding.
I would strongly recommend both FFK and Pixioo to all BTBs
because they really go the extra mile and are fun to work with!"

- Alvin and Cheryl | 8th Julty 2017

6. Aaron and Xin Hui - 28th oct 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Photography: @annabellawproductions

I wish I had such beautiful souls like them in the many good years to come. 
They did not get me for their wedding,
but they had me to interview their family members and friends, 
involved in their wedding as a #ffktakeover photographer with @annabellawproductions 
The process that I went through with them did took a piece of me away.
I remembered standing by the road side waiting for my ride, thinking:
'Maybe its good that I wasn't heavily involved in the wedding. I might not feel as much as I would if I were tasked to produce.'
Fyi. I was late for the wedding. 
Went into the house together with the groomsmen exactly when they are done with the gatecrash. Hahah. Timing were prefect that I blended in so well. Nobody notice that >___< 

Of cos, I told them about this after the wedding. 
Sometimes, this engagements taught me what kind of couples I want to work with.
Managed to surprise them at the dinner banquet@Peach Garden, OCBC. 
I went to the wrong hotel that evening, but I was happily running across the street from Park Royal at pickering street. What a day it was. What a odd engagement of my service. 
Happiness level filled to the brim. 


5. Jack and Shimin - 29th dec 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth

Lawyers are very witty people. 
I am not in the industry long enough, so maybe those that I've the chance to work with.
Shimin came by my studio with her brother and sister, Wei and Shiyan. 
Within the first few conversation we had, Wei picked up nonsense of the guy he saw in the BTS video that I did at Yao huang and Carol's wedding. AKA me. 
He started giggling and telling his sis that I am who he saw in the video exactly how it was portray. It was really a very memorable meet up.
My colleagues in the office thought that I was doing an hiring interview. 
It was a very short meet up but still wasn't really clear how their wedding will be like. 
I guess it was because I didn't manage to meet the groom yet. 

2 Days before the wedding, 
we met and we clicked. 

I only began to see how the video will become
when I saw Jack's energy level,
when I saw his emotions despite the tech error when he sang the song he composed for Shi min,
when the two brother gave their speech for the newly wed.
when Wei played his wedding playlist, da best. 

What a way to end my 2017. 

When August come, 
irregardless if I have of any shoot in UK, 
Jack and Shimin will be the reason why I will go visit there. 

Safe trip back guys!


We loved the video that was produced by Kenneth and team -
it was so real and personal and was everything we wanted in our wedding video!
Kenneth managed to capture all the emotions we experienced on our special day -
our initial exhaustion from all the last minute wedding prep,
Jack’s energy and enthusiasm,
the love and care of our family and friends…
He even managed to incorporate Wei’s obsession with cars!!
We especially loved how the video focused on the people who made the day what it was,
rather than just the two of us.
There is no “template” or “standard video”  when it comes to FFK -
nothing was staged or rehearsed,
we just went about our day and Kenneth produced a masterpiece from that.

Beyond the video itself Kenneth has become a valued friend,
not just of us, but our families as well!
His genuine, sincere nature is so rare in an industry
that has become so commercialised and impersonal.
Thank you Kenneth!!

-Jack and Shimin | 29th Dec 2017

4. Melissa and Jonathan - 17th/22nd july 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Photography: @smittenpixelsphotography

Perth have been a lot of good memories for me.
Glad to have shared that with them.
Never ever will I imagine seeing the both of their paths cross
when I knew them back when we were 17.
The kind of guy Melissa were seeing, the kind of guy I saw Jonathan were. 
Time and tides did their part to draw whats needs to be closer
and apart for this season in their lives. 

My heart is full when I knew that I did what I could to give to their start
of a life time ahead. Words will not be able to do justice to how I feel and saw
this wedding. 
A photo tells a thousand words but I hope, in the 25 photos/frames in a seconds
translate the limited 'england' capacity within me. 


Mel and Jon.jpg

I knew we had to engage Kenneth no matter what,
not just because we were friends,
but because there weren't any other crafts out there in Singapore that's quite like his.
The trip to Perth was simply fun and we had an amazing time there,
as if we were on a holiday instead of a pre-wedding shoot.
Thank you for putting your heart and soul into our videos,
and finding the perfect song that's symbolic of Xy's and my union,
we can't thank you enough for helping us capture
a special moment that we can reminisce and rewatch again and again in years to come.
Thank you for being a blessing to us and a great many couples too.

- Jonathan and Melissa | 17th/22nd July 2017

3. Jerry and Vinyee - 1st july 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Photography: @andritei

Imagine this, I couldn't sleep the night before 1st July 2017.
Reached at 9am for Roy and Cheryl's wedding, ended at 1pm.
Went back to freshen up for Vinyee makeup at 2pm.
Ended the day at 10pm >__<

Driving through his darkest days with the light,
warmth, comfort to return to. Vinyee was that unintroduced character
to our friendship. I only saw the effect of what she had on him. 
Then when I begin to shadow them through the wedding day, 
I thank God for sending her in his life in the very beginning. 

Friends wedding are the hardest to share in words,
the hardest to bid goodbye to. 
Time spent on that very day is the fastest.
But yet, the very precious.
Runs like tap and soon you realised, 
that we come to the very last drop of it.
I hope this video helps to share my breathless part of
my words. 

To the girl who fix him up,
kept him close and love him most. 
To the boy who fought through life at his hardest,
happiest and heartiest. 
May this few frames in this few minutes reminds you of
your first love for each other. 

Jerry and Vinyee_Andri.jpg

VY: "Having Kenneth as our videographer can never be more pleasant as we had known him personally for some time.
Despite having a hectic schedule on our wedding day,
he delivered his works professionally and yet with fun involvement as a friend. We love his creative and well-thought suggestions on the theme of our video and his efforts in making it a unique one"

J: "We first met in a very special way setting off in the industry at the very beginning of the career. We witnessed and shared the evolutionary process of one another. Sweats and tears those days. 

Upon the time of our wedding, Kenneth already had his fair share of success in the trade. He got a big shot wedding on the same day but threw himself in back-to-back for our humble celebration with his special touch that I always admired in his works.
It was a touching gesture indeed. 

Shooting another (ex-)photographer’s wedding can add a bit of stress.
But, perhaps less he knew our great pride and privilege having this successful artist among the guests,
taking a deeper peek into our personal lives as a friend.  
Hearts and trust is all we shared. 

It was interesting ‘working’ with you again after awhile, this time on our big day.
Wishing you greater heights and joy in what you believe and create.
We shall keep the fond memory and friendship on.
May you bless more people with your gift, my friend"
- Jerry and Vinyee

2. Kenji and Kristalle - 7th jan 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Photography: with @joelcheng

Who would have thought,
the kid next door will be there every evening to play with you in the playground
will end up to be your wife. 
the bride-to-be who knew which song to use for her wedding made you wait for a year
before you could use it. 
the wedding that every couple will point to when my freshfromkennth enquiry comes in
when I asked about a video that they like in my contact form.
the couple who I think of on a daily basis.
Yes, daily, I will be thinking how are they doing. Because whenever I come to work, 
there's a building I need to walk past and that where her father works in. 

Even though I might not be able to share their struggles, 
birthdays, celebrations and mishap.
Met them a year before their wedding, 2 weeks before their wedding and as transactional as it seems, Kristalle always took time to text and appreciate how this service went beyond just that. 

My 2016 bride is Andy Lau's god-daughter and he almost came for the wedding. 
I almost shat my pants. 
In 2017, Kristalle's father works in an charitable organisation who work closely with hongkong celebrities. 蘇永康 Su yong kang came and he stood beside where I set up my tripod.
Couldn't recognised him with his shades and I told him to be careful of my camera. 
Was very worried and I kept looking backward to see if this guy came in front of my camera.
Halfway through the wedding, he picked up the mic and sang. 
I almost shat my pants. 
Of cos, I enjoy these ball-shrinking moments.

Its a quality test on self and preparing myself for bigger appetite in future projects. 
yeap. true enough, 88rising and spotify came 11 months later. 

Through these months in 2017, 
time and time again, when I watch this video again, I would be reminded of things I wish I could do better, shots I could have gotten or be more with Kenji and Kristalle. 
With no regrets, their wedding video is right at where it should be produced. 

Coming to the recently part of my career as a craftsmen in this industry, 
I begin to travel light, 
let things fall into place,
channel my energy gracefully,
see the butterfly effect,
hold my balls in ball-shrinking moments. 


What was really striking about Kenneth's work
was how you could see the personality of
the couple through his videos.

When I saw his work,
I was like I must get this guy,
it was weird that I was so sure and I'm really glad we did cause he exceeded all expectations!
And I can’t tell you enough how important it is to find the right ppl to entrust your most important day to....

We loved how it was raw and very personal
which made our video uniquely us.
He knew exactly when to include what,
which made his edits very fun and seamless.

Another thing about him is that we share similar taste in music,
the song that I chose was so important to me,
and I'm so thankful that he loved it too otherwise
he wouldn't have done such a great job with it.

I'm still amazed at how he brought everything together so beautifully, it was so much more that we envisioned.
We have such a deep appreciation for professionals like him.
His craft is already a gift itself, but he goes one step further by establishing a relationship with us and gifting us with a time capsule video, which is incredibly thoughtful and meaningful!
That showed that he actually puts himself in the shoes of the couple and thought about what else he could provide to help them on their journey. He wasn’t just the videographer, he had our well-being at heart, like how he’d be with his friends.

Samuel's photos from the IG takeover were also a lifesaver, I really can't stress enough how thankful we are to have met this team! Even when we’re 50/80/99/senile we’ll still be reliving our special day by watching the same video that you produced and feeling fuzzy, happy and grateful.
That’s the impact of the great work that you do so thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime ♥♥♥

- Kenji and Kristalle | 7th Jan 2017

1. Roy and Cheryl - 1st july 2017

Videography: FreshfromKenneth
Photography: @pixioo

I got in contact with Cheryl through another friend I help out with her probiotic foods' 
video content through a very divine recommendation which I do not know who/how
my contact was shared. 
Truth to be told, 
I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning. So I started to do work on one or two videos
to see if things were well with us. The defining moment for me was when Roy and Cheryl
was super appreciative of what we've produced and 2 days before 1st of July, Roy shared
his concern about his proposal video that he sent in for post production a while back.
Fees wasn't cheap for the engagement of this wedding vendor and
quality wasn't up to what the Wedding Art Directions were for. 
My heart goes out to Roy, who did a lot of preparations for his proposal in Japan and it turn out to be some 'school-project-produced' video.

Right there at Fort Canning's ROM, after they came out of collecting the certification, 
we saw the issues of what have to be done for the video and decided to do the best I know how.
While discussing, I also realised that Cheryl is editing on her own another video that she wants to appreciate the people who took time to be involved in her wedding. 
Thinking back, I was pretty crazy to agree to work on both of this video. 

Knowing that it is a celebrity wedding
and shouldn't wedding vendors involved got to step up their game especially when
these are going out in prints and online social media?

The life expectancy of every wedding creative is not on the brief itself,
but isn't it on the happiness and productivity index
reached over the years of achievements and mistakes?

I really hate to steal the spotlight of the wedding. 
#ffktakeover is not meant to do that, 
it serve as a purpose to archive that very part of my couple's life
in this digital age. 
I restrain myself from producing another wedding video highlight.
I know where I stand and where not to be in the way of one's ego.

Working on Roy's Japan wedding proposal and Cheryl's appreciation video
was the best fulfilment I get out of working with them.  
Probably this was my best creative solution thus far I have solved/saved for a wedding.

Kenneth Lee