2. 2017 Top 10 FFK Wedding Songs | #toptenofFFKstopten

Choosing a song is tough enough for
every wedding videos. 
Giving it to them is liken to
giving puppies/kittens. 
It grows and stays
with the years. 


10. Ivan and Rainee 1st year anniversary: Steffany Gretzinger - No fear in love

9. Alvin and Cheryl: Secret Nation - Best of me

8. Sebas and Chai Pre wedding: Kodaline - Big Bad World

7. Melissa and Jonathan Pre wedding: Sleeping at Last - Sun

6. Sebas and Chai: The light the heat - Endless Story

5. Melissa and Jonathan: Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Someone to stay

4. Soon Hock and Shu Hui: The Cold Cut Duo - My Dear

3. Roy and Cheryl's Proposal Video: Sleeping At Last - Saturn

2. Alyssa and Simon: Matt Hartke ft. Maggie Peake - Gold

1. Kenji and Kristalle: Camera Obscura - French Navy

Kenneth Lee