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Here's person bit of go-to for 2017.  
Usually I think of this kind of
content when I wakes up at
530am in the morning to
walk to work with my mum. 

A few reason could be just
personal reflections and
listing what my rights
and wrongs. 
Pretty easy to fly
pass 365 days without
look back. 
Count your losses
and your joy. 

Probably the years
of church activities, 
business networking,
and event coverages
have made me
a less interested in
gatherings and parties. 
(especially bday parties)

To be alone this christmas to
make a list of things might
sound depressing. 
Old hen coffee,
me shall have.


  1. 2017 Top 10 Coffee (4x espresso over Ice)
  2. 2017 Top 10 FFK Wedding Songs
  3. 2017 Top 10 FFK Weddings (please send in hate mails if you are not in the list >___<)
  4. 2017 Top 10 Photographers/Videographers to work with.
  5. 2017 Top 10 Films that inspired me for my wedding productions. 
  6. 2017 Top 10 Fav things I bought for myself.
  7. 2017 Top 10 Creative Partners.
  8. 2017 Top 10 Wedding Venues
  9. 2017 Top 10 Moments at FreshfromKenneth
  10. 2017 Top 10 Pre Wedding Location (Singapore)

Stay tuned throughout the next 5 days for my list. 
Mary Litmas!
<insert mood below>

Kenneth Lee