Showing up - Heartstrings are the toughest to be strung

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Heartstrings are the toughest to be strung.
Often in letters, often in tears.
These words are like the signage in memory lanes
to remind the journey before and ahead.

Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 reminds me of the days of a young christian. Popular verse like this might easily resonate with a few other believers in the community. There are some overshadowed verses only found through having a history with the writer Himself and often these stories, sentence, words, they call out to you.

Mine was Mary.
The gospel by John in chapter 20 tells how this woman couldn’t recognise the man she was with for three and a half years. Doing life, going through the crowd, watching Him work and travelled tirelessly.

But when He called her name, she finally recognised Him. How amazing words like your name could do.