#ffk嘉series is my new found medium to transit
from being transactional to relational.
Here's a preview of the images created
in the short 30mins session that we first met up for.

 The main objective is to fuel my
personal creative happiness.
Probably gonna have exhibitions
in my couples' home to show case the
series of works I have create in the
upcoming months ahead. 

Breaking away from outdoor shoots
to indoor shoots.
Using relatable items
and available light source. 

For the little ones,
 in time to come.
For the older folks,
 when time slows down.

The same home wouldn't be the
same 25 years later. 

In my growing up years,
I was brutally caned because of my academics. 
My heart didn't resent my mum for that, 
mainly because I deserve it :| 

Hardly seen photos of my parents
at their new home as newly weds. 

Home is something we can related to.
Everyday items we are used to see.
Every corners, shadows and lights. 

And ahh,
Thats why horror movies are scary,
 its home based. 

JYChar IG.jpeg

There is always something to do
for the crazies and the shy ones
 in my #ffk嘉series 

Kenneth Lee