Capsules of both mine and couples memories (feat. themonogamist)

FreshfromKenneth wedding videos
are capsules of memories of both
myself and the families/friends involved
in the wedding. Some days turn out great and
some days were ugly. Most days, I don't see the
bad in a things that happen but a part of me
is carefully knitted into the video. 

Yesterday #giveangbao廖 wedding
was pretty rare to see myself working
all by myself again. Back to the start where
I begun and also realised the root of
where I made mistakes in my hirings. 

People with intentions,
Meetings with agendas, 
Brief with budgets, 
Ideas thats comes with approvals.

How crafty,
with the best intentions, 
corporatize whats sacred to me. 

I like to view my videos as sermons
to my couples. Probably at this point, 
it might not be the holiest,
but its my way to put together
a 3mins length of memories
that speaks to them in the lowest
and highest point in their life. 

Just as how their videos reminds me
of who was working with me then,
and sadly, it contatins all
the bad things that happen on that day.
Guess that why those videos help
to speak to me and
overwrites those pains.  


I will often return to
this cliff in my memory,
when I heard about how
@vivtanshithui would choose to work
with me than <insert name> 

And there begin a series of milestone
in my wedding video art directions. 
Introducing her classmates's brother wedding video, 
3 odd year later,
that videographer
 appen to be one my clients'
husband work.

Here's where it all started:

Kenneth Lee