Best version of myself


When will we
be the best version of ourselves.
The time in that
we called it,
"the best have yet to come,"

Has it came yet?
or just that we woke up each day
unknowingly pass by yesterday
into a better day today.

As I closed my chapter
in 2018 bookings,
I found another opening titles
to another adventure. 

The poll I did yesterday,
I'm quite serious about
rolling it out as a service:
FFK raw coverage
(w/o editing)

4 years back, 
I did it before: 

no sweat. 


Sunken to this
ocean of digital noise,
I wish to live a little
thriving on my own little
tins of favourite works. 

Once thought that, 
'this is it.'

'this isn't it.' 

As long as the sun rises and sets, 
The best version of myself
was long dead.
Its new each day.

My 7am train ride,
the walk to work,
50 rows of stairs
up my office building, 
i tried to climb daily
Help me to reflect. 

>_____< and to get rid of CNY
pre+post laziness. 

Kenneth Lee