Showing up - A good post wedding morning

2019-09-06 06.50.22 1.jpg

A good post wedding morning -

1. Knowing that my ex couples love their wedding videos instead of the one they saw me working on for their friend.

2. Working on a song with the wedding highlights that my groom compose for his brides.

3. @aaron.ffk becoming the kind of 2nd cam guy that I envisioned to be.

4. Besides producing a wedding highlight, we did bts, client's review, ex couple's feedbacks. So efficient. Loveeee

5. Halp from fellow key industry friends to work on sound and drone.
6. Just those words: “ I still prefer my own wedding videos” from your ex couples last night warms my heart when I walked out of house this morning.
7. Waking up at 7am knowing that my body is functional after a 530am to 930pm; 16 hours work.

8. Lastly, I am still alive and breathing, given a second to live, love and laugh again.