When the creative universe opens up.

There’s many ways to get to the top.
To be the very best.
Most achievers stays high and alone
because its not fuel with fame, fortune or fun.

When no one notice,
money runs out or its just the same o same o again.
There you realised what funds your drive.

The universe opens up inward,
not on the outward.

Freshfromkenneth was formerly named as
fresh from heaven.
Yea, that was a blogspot back in 2009.

Heaven weren’t up there.
Heaven is right here.
Right in me.

I see which music fits which weddings
when I see the replays in my mind
as the song plays.

Editing software doesn’t do
as fast as how my mind sees.
my writings fails me too.

How fresh can I be.
I second doubt myself.
Now, I never look at
my works again.

I look inwards.
What i have be producing,
I have already seen it.
What i have captured, reflects what inside of me.

When the universe opens up,
you’ve got it fresh from kenneth.

(ps. these words comes in the morning.
it helps in the late afternoon. or days i feel like shit.)