40 ideas

40 ideas.png

How dry it would be if one were to do
wedding related works all day long.
How creative can one go with weddings related works.
Before engaging a wedding guy who does your video/photo.

Look carefully at how he/she is associating her personal work with.
That give you a heads up on how your video/photo will look like.
I mean, its been done before and he/she have done it over and over again.

What’s new?
Whats fresh?
Look at the non-wedding related works.

Look at how they delving deep into a multidisciplinary artist.
the 1400s were days where people practice inventions, painting, architect, science and,
forget it. We practice Netflix, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and anything that we can consume content on.

Last week, We spent a day without editing/shoot. Started cleaning the office and then left with the objective to come together collective to generate 40 ideas/thoughts/creatives

We got 39.
then my brain got fried.

Just ideas generation fried my brain.
but first, let me get back to ceramic.  

Kenneth Lee