Goody morning 7:56am

There is this really nice feeling of walking towards
the office at 730am in the morning.

Some days, I would imagine myself bumping into some couples
as I walked towards the office.
Hunn in his running attire,
Cheng tng laughing out loud with Bryan.
Druce’s look at Trudy when he goes,
’aiya you decide la. I’m really ok with anything.’
Kai jia and Muzill’s IO-poker-face.
Yong soon and Yvonne constant food searching look.
Alvin and Kal, sorry. they will not be awake at this hour.
if i do, they are heading back to crash after office party at block j or ddb.


Those mornings makes me smiles.
Just to wake up to that thought,
if their wedding celebration is on this week,
I will be looking forward to it.

Kenneth Lee