Bold. Brave or Blond?

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Bold. Brave or Blonde?

There's quite of number of us trekking up this trail.
A trail up to the top, reaching the peak of our career. 

Last visit to Melbourne,
I've seen kids skipping through the mountain trails.
Guys with slipper jumping from boulders to boulders.
They are fast and not well equipped.
Some reached to the top faster just for the gram. 

There's quite a number of people taking this popular trail. This trail of being in the line of wedding day video/photography. It's a brave thing to do when there's is no one on this trail. 
But people catch up.

And there's some brand with more than 100 weddings ahead of you.
Chances of experimenting with new ideas and working on a different perspective give credibility. 
Isn’t it obvious that before being credible, one have to be visible? 

Ecclesiastes 1:9 
That which has been is what will be,
That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun.
There’s nothing new out there. 

Leonardo da Vinci did it out there 500 years ago
doesn’t mean its new today. 

The best low key wedding craftsmen i’ve seen:
doesn’t go around and ask people not to imitate her style.
diving deeper ignores the digital noises. 
try unfollowing all the wedding photographers in your IG. 

thats when you find happiness, 
Stay happy.
Sharing what you do, leaving a mark in people's dinner conversations
about your love for what you do.

I'm working on that 😎
That's why till now,
I only can clap for myself.

No top 10,
No notable mention.
No bugs or recognitions. 

Bold Brave or Blonde_02.jpg

Kenneth Lee