19 years old life coach


After much thoughts,
I find how young I am to this wedding industry.

4 years failing as wedding photographer,
Joined 36frames with the intro from https://www.instagram.com/puayyang

Transit out of photography into video for the lack of supply in 2014.
Or its just me, positive thoughts, seeing it as half full.
4 years later, I find what I do as crap and don’t fit to be teaching people what I do best.
20 odd people later, I only manage to teach 10% of what I do/know to a
21 yr old female who stayed for 13 months.
Longest thus far.

whenever I work on @ffklocalu I always feel like a 19 years old
life coach. What can a 19 years old coach you about life.
what can a 4 years old videographer teach you about videos.
12 bit, clog, shogun, blackmagic, steadicam, 4k Ursa.

I’m just a 35mm, A7Sii, handheld, wedding videographer
with big balls to take on ball shrinking weddings.

Kenneth Lee