Thank God.

What got me through,
got me well with the team of guys
I’m working with.

The 2017 days were amazing,
The beginning of a new office.
New partnership and a team of people
who I have no prior knowledge in people management.

That goes back to hiring.
I was bad at identify who makes it to the cut.
Even the past 10 months, I made a few bad choices.
8 to be exact.
Der, Yanc, Ade, Joe, Viet, BrHong, Jo, Steph

Huat ah, 8 people in 10 months.
But afterwards, came a good 5 people to trust my work with.

Equipment or People,
Trends or Crafts,
One man operation or Team.

Often time, this ship is sailing on high seas.
What floats my ship, who can take my shit,
where this shit is going, how this ship is working.
why this ship and this shit is happening.

At the sight of a red sky,
I know this ship is in good hands.
Equipments is not taking up the space,
The people is. Its all good to go for another round of storm.
Aaron, Becca, Raelene, Terry, Caljus.
Thank God for being so kind to me.

2019-06-18 07.54.23 1.jpg
Kenneth Lee