Right question is half the problem solved.

Zehavit said, that boy.
Do u work much with him?
He has a warmth and realness about him, and shining intelligent eyes. I say yes he does. :)
- a warmth soul relay her first impression on me

When @dawn___ng worked on perfect stranger,
she was posted a question a day by a Clinical Psychologist.
The way of how Israelis would,
Asking questions.

A great way to build friendship would probably
be asking questions.

’How are you feeling today?’
instead of ‘how are you’

2019-06-04 03.27.31 1.jpg

So yea,
I made my team ask Shawn from https://www.fengstudios.com/
a ton of questions.
And he asked a tons of questions about them,
’how’s your boss’, ‘why you work here,'


Kenneth Lee