Open Call: Wedding Industry

1st of May was the first wedding I did
knowing @minecap will not be around for the
upcoming ones ahead. Melbourne was the last
work assignment with me and @pixioo

When I was lining up for dessert,
I thought of her. I wonder if she would like some
dessert. A year and a month ish.
I guess thats what it does to me when week in
week out, I think about her well being with the balance
of the backlog well being.

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1. work more with my brides

2. online workshop videos with brands

There is a surge in hedonic consumption and often,
people look at the service, the experience, the follow ups, the first to know
and instead of heading right on with brands to do brands videos,
I want to look into the educational approach for brands to reintroduce
how facebook and instagram constantly does to us.
News feed, explore page, who’s following/liking/commenting/ who.

That is what I’ve been observing as a consumer.

I will skip the details on how I am going to work more with my brides
because I need more time to work on that.

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This have been on my mind for the longest time.

3. partnering with videographers in the industry

Everyone starts somewhere unknown,
I started 4 years shooting randomly for people and
probably 36frames is one of those that I could remember
going through quite a bit with them.
eg. doing 10k+ sales at BOWS in 2014, smashed boss 5d2 on the steps because I wore socks on a slippery marble steps, met Jerry from Kinici Photography.

What if there’s a chance for those who first started out
in the industry got to work on good weddings,
Sharing portfolios and pitching projects together.

That first 4 years of ffk was dancing in dark.
Had fun but not sure where I am going with.

The next 4 years of ffk got better from one wedding to the next.
2015 - Alan and Jo
2016 - Deyao and Sherlyn
2017 - Kristalle and Kenji, Roy and Cheryl, Shi min and Jack
2018 - ehh, Japan, Bali, Bintan, India, San Frans, Beijing, Japan +
different key weddings and individuals that led me to @Dawn__ng

To be involved in an artist creative process is priceless,
Iron sharpen Iron.

Wedding is really long and tiring for creatives.
As we grow with our crafts, we need to take a stand on
how we want to be valued at.
Value work or paid hourly.
Quality over Quantity.

FFK dream team looks like this:
1st VG/Editor - main videographer and warps up the edits
2nd and 3rd VG - supporting videographers
2nd Editor - supporting editor
= 4 man team

Given a common wedding schedule with * ffk suggested allocation of manpower

5am - make up artist * 2nd and 3rd VG arrives at 6am
7am - brides get veiled *1st VG arrives at 645am
730am - starts gate crash
830am - pick up bride * 2nd Editor arrives at location, 3rd VG leaves to hand footage for editor, continue ride to office
to start on edit.
9am - entourage photoshoot
1230pm - end tea ceremony of both side of the family * 2nd VG and 3rd VG leaves home to get rest, 2nd Editor to end edit by 4pm.

6pm - Solemnisation in the hotel * 1st/2nd/3rd VG to arrive by 530pm, 1st VG to take over editing process when Solemnisation ends while 2nd and 3rd VG continue to shoot.
8pm - 1st March in * 1st VG to add in 1st march in and produce for express highlight
915pm - Express highlight to be played
10pm - end dinner coverage for videographers

4 man team’s Manpower hours cost: 42 working hours at $3500
1st VG/Editor - Shoot: 630am to 1230pm, Shoot & Edit: 130pm to 930pm = 14 working hour @ $1500
2nd and 3rd VG - Shoot: 6am to 1230pm, 6pm to 10pm = (10.5x 2) 21 working hours @ $1500
2nd Editor - Edits: 930am to 430pm = 7 working hours @ $500

Value Based Pricing

Clients don’t usually see the hours and the people put into making the product,
Creatives don’t know where to stop and we often end up in assumptions on both ends.
Showing the prices before the talking about the price helps me to sell service before the product.
if you calculate the cost above, you will find that its per hour for the main guy is at $100 and the rest is at $70.
Easily we can stop there and think about why not,
”I charge at a one man team at $1500 for 8hrs and earn the whole 100% of it?”
A few ten twenty wedding later,
”Man, I need help.”
A few helps later,
”A team would be great!”
A few interns, hiring and firing later,
Here I am,
”What about the professionals in the industry,
How about sharing the workload together for a long run.”

Both the client and creatives have to see from the same lens,
we price our work on value, not by hour.
A little bit of discount, does it give me bargain rights to do lesser?
In Singapore, I doubt wedding planners runs 60 weddings a year.
Most of the time, the wedding photographer runs almost a hundred wedding a year
and the one who will most likely they are the one who give the best wedding solutions.
That creative solutions is unaccounted for and usually consider as a third opinion.
Both mother-in-laws as the first and second.

If you are a couple reading this,
take my word for it, trust your photographers on
giving you the best advise on schedule.

If you are a fellow videographers,
I have 50 weddings till Nov 2020 to share this journey with.

DM me on IG: @freshfromkenneth

Something I found on my dropbox this morning:

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Kenneth Lee