See people for who they are.


Whenever you did it for any of my people,
no matter how unimportant they seemed,
you did it for me.
matt 25:40 (cev)

For that few moment in a wedding,
You wish you could remind their 15 years old self
about how their life would turn out to be.
Or show the 55 years old future self how young they were.

For that few sec,
You were receiving them like how Jesus did.
And at that moment,
I figured why this become a calling in what I do.

In my line of work,
I find a little struggle to answer if I’m a christian,
”oh you go to church?”, does it mean = “you must be perfect and very loving in all ways”
Christians can be the most forgiving and unforgiving.
After all, thats why they goes to church.

Most of the time, in a wedding, I feel like the aetos security officer.
Patrolling, looking for my shot. Instructing my team to be on their very best.
At times, chasing people because they are late for photoshoot.

But, that very 10% of time, usually its about 2 hours (based of my calculation of how long I usually work)
I look beyond the time we are at,
the person my clients is,
the memories that could fade away and probably
my film will remind them again.

If only we could look at people
as they were once loved as a kid.
Once reminded and forgotten along with the
needs and wants of who we become.


A year back,
I met with Merv and Zhao
in their secondary school. We did a time capsule there.
We went back there again and did their bridal party shot during the wedding day.
I was filled to brim.
Contentment like this doesn’t come often.

Probably people who have sought enough, done enough,
died enough, transit many season of their life enough.
It’s easier to find that sort of simplicity.

Kenneth Lee