Process over Outcome


process over outcome.

Midnight Avengers:Endgame ate half of my sleep
and I need to make mental space for a day in iceland,
aka dawn’s studio, where I spent half of the morning
thinking if I could rent a blower at Camera Rental Center
later at 11am when they open.

How can I document this smarter.
Summon Friendly Lazy Kenneth,

got help from cleaning uncle to borrow the
blower from the ladies’ toilet.
End shoot 3 hours earlier :)


Yesterday head was hurting from all the things
I am trying to complete.
All the parts are not coming together on a sunday afternoon and
nights are the worst, they make you too weak to get going.

Bad choice to watch the movie.
Good move and trying to ask everyone not to spoil the movie,
And now you put the night king with thanos?

Okay fine,
Games of thrones can wait,


Thank you that you have heard me,
I’m keeping this process of a day a post for real.

I am my own ‘cher’
to submit my work to, so i’m changing the date to yesterday 2359. muahahha
Here’s some kids photos to cheer you up for this week: