Hurt or Heard

Heard or Hurt

Hurt: you don't understand how I feel, Never mind, you don't understand, What's the point, This is not fair, I feel like this is not how i think it would be,

Heard:I  would feel the same, Would it be helpful if, Am I right that this will help in.., Besides this approach, can I try this alternative afterward? That would make sense if we think about.., Great, got it, give me 15mins,

No no, this is not your problem, it is ours to make sure of that. Don't you worry about that.

That last portion is what I heard about Jessica Cindy service and it left such a impact in my life ever since.

They knew that their customer is here because it's beyond creativity solutions, it's all the little details they heard while doing a scope of what they desire for their wedding day.

Details determines one's Destiny.

You can easily tell one's destiny by how quick they are to details. I am still far away from that and God help me please..