Heroes vs Mentorship

A six figure income requires a 6 key figures to be constantly milked at,
compared to a lean operation that gives creative freedom space for
a long run. My marathon requires 6 key influences that bring changes to
my works. That whiteboard that I can dream of need space that I can fill in.

Operations that run high,
run dry when the whiteboard is constantly
filled with dreams that is not mine.

After a good run in the industry,
most creatives end up wiping up
everything clean and start a new.

Why not start now?
I’m 8 years into the wedding industry,
4 years constantly looking at how else
I can dream better.

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Coaching over Mentorship

I gain lesser days on earth compared to the days of the one being mentored.
The one caring for the sick get infected more than the ones being cared for.
95% of the time,
this obligation brings benefits to the many ones under my care.
Not under another videographer,
Not under another production house,
Not under another guy in the office.

Me. I FFK-ed them up on a daily basis.

My own needs for growth?
I do people-interest projects,
show up in people’s life on how I can help.
Craftsmen who I know I get sharpen over the
time I spent with them for.

The ones who inspires me.
In Character and in Crafts.

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Having a crazy good friends
who makes you looks good.
Thats very important too @pixioo
@gareth_senmin @minecap

Kenneth Lee