How good is your Wedding videographer/photographer?

  • Personal works

  • Follow up services

  • Associates VS Main guy

  • Variation of style he/she produces

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Personal works over the works he or she
produces on a weekly basis.

To clock in the 10,000 professional hours is easy for any plumber, taxi drivers or farmers.
While change is the constant,
the constant of self questioning on how could one be a better problem solver give a fine line
between 10,000 mundane hours vs 10,000 professional hours for NBA championship title or the very least, a breakthrough in craftsmanship.

An edge in my creative process that my audience recognise how ’Fresh’ I have become since the last we met.

That said,
I might have confused a lot of people and they asked: “why is your videos so different ah,
every video is different, so whats your style?”

So look at his/her personal works,
it gives you the glimpse of how else
your wedding video will be different from
previous couple who engaged his/her
services at the same venue as yours.

Horror story:
I heard from my couple that some
guys uses the same drone footages
for the last few couples because its the same venue.

Isn’t that the beauty of having an artist
compared to a service?

Don’t try to guess my next move,
my next style or what I’m up to.

You will be lost.
We are, aren’t we?
Just strangers in the dark,
Dancing like we know our moves.

Follow up services -
did you know, I don’t charge my clients for their maternity shoot or their baby shower?
I rather do goodwill services for my client than to pay for advertise my works on social media.

Kenneth Lee