Have you seen an Ice Block melts for 12 hours?

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Once you have seen it,
you will know how long it takes, the process it requires,
some hacks and methods to speed up the process.

You will know that its not gonna melt in a chilling room.
The amount of footages requires the size of storage for the process.

T: 12hrs
Temp: 2x 2K lights + 2x 1K lights
Storage: 500GB

Once you have seen it,
You will be well prepared for the process
when it comes again.

12 hours instead of 12 years,
consider that.

Every 20mins, I would stand up to do my routine.
Every 20 days, I would do a work review with people in the office.

Every few hours, I would take a breather, a walk, to cool myself off from the heat in the room.
Every few months, I would think about how to propel my craft better than I enter the year.

During Lunch time, I wish it would be down by 50% in size.
During the half way mark in a year, I wish I would slim down half the size too.

At the end of the day, I finally saw the ice melt.
At the end of the year, I finally saw how my year end.
I know the next year will be better than the last.

Because I saw how the Ice melt,
I saw ways to make it better each time I enter the process again.

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