1st post of my daily writing and Keanu Reeves just sold me to his bikes

  • Why I am writing daily

  • Seth Godin influence

  • My 1st hour of the day

  • The first video that I watched today is by Keanu Reeves

  • What I will be working on today

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The 1st minute of my day is a struggle between my bed and the door.
My mum would be reason for me to get out asap because I just want to
walk her to the train and sit with her.

As we age,
the scarier the fall,
the time got lesser and probably,
not so much time left to be with each other.

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Walking to the office gave me some thoughts
of what to post on social media,

Today got me to think about this daily writing without coffee but with jazz/bossa nova.

’You will never know if you are a writer or not
until you have wrote 50,000 words.’
- Seth Godin

And each book is always his last,
23 books into it,
He starts a school, altmba
I have not written any books,
but i started a local u, ffklocalu

Lets see if I can get how much tutorial videos
I can get out of this year instead of working on
purely wedding videos or client’s brief.

Cue aladdin ost,
’I can show you a world..’

Keanu Reeves showed his most prized motorcycles at his shop, Arch Motorcycle.
He custom built Arch motorcycles,
As he went through his collection,
I am sold.

I remembered those time alone
on the bike in Khao Lak, Thailand.

Thats probably what I want to
take home from that trip.

Time get ready for work.
Whatsapp. Email.
and meetings for today.

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1970-01-01 07.30.00 57.jpg