San Francisco 07/2018

15 hours flight,
9 days in US.  

Glennview drive, 
Golden Gate Bridge,
 Family holiday house in the woods,
Lake Tahoe,
San Fran - LAX
and back home. 

In fact, the moment the wedding was over, 
my mind was switched over to work. 

Not much places covered
compared to the entourage's
check list for US. 

Besides MX and Sam's Wedding,
meeting MX's groomsmen, Justin,
was the highlight of the trip. 
He plays with roger federer, 
stayed near Klay Thompson and
beyond is success in the marketplace,
He was known as a guy who
bring the guys in church together and
a role model back in his church before
being sent to San Fran. 
Greatest take away for this trip,
to catch something in the spirit.

^^ I could make a list of everyone that I've met, 
but this one guy stood out in beyond what he said about
himself. It was what people said about him.

A good name is more desirable than great riches;
to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.
Proverbs 22:1

Coming to US for a wedding
is already a big milestone in my career. 
I'm good. 
I don't have the intention to do more things
to 'make this worth the trip'.
I find that very
self-gratifying and feed the wrong
part of my life.
Last weekend, I was very grateful of how @pixioo 
assisted me in Yang Ming and Nelsie wedding, 
gave me hope of how things can be
for my team B or team C. 

Don't have much amazing experience to
share about my trip in US. 
Probably these photos will do just fine. 

Note to self: try to finish my 360 video. 

Kenneth Lee